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How to register?

Click on register button on top right-hand corner of the homepage and follow instructions.

Family membership

A family membership is when you enrol a maximum of 5 children. This membership is an affordable option to spend on 5 of your children. In addition, you can track their progress.

School membership

This is for enrolling a crowd of more than 25 children. Their progress and homework can be tracked.

Institute membership

This is for the enrolment of 6 to 24 children for an attractive price.

Study Zone

Here you will find the two subjects as the two main categories and the year groups as the sub-categories. This enables you to browse between the two subjects and the different zones and levels.


A grade is where the children of an age group join. They all follow a particular curriculum to suit their age level.

Selecting a grade

You should select the grade according to the age of the child. Ex. 6 years – Grade 1


Primary ranges from grade 1 to grade 6. Children in the ages from 6 years to 12 years.


Secondary ranges from grade 7 to grade 13. Children in the ages from 13 years to 19 years.
(This may not be available for certain subscriptions and currently Learning Champs teachers are working hard to get this over to you)

What is a Zone?

A zone is the main subject matter with a basic learning objective. This consists of a few levels which are subtopics.
The idea is to achieve the basic learning objective by completing a zone.

How to move from one zone to another?

To move from one zone to another, click on the ‘study zone’ tab on the top left of the page you are working on and this will take you to the page where you can select the grade and a different zone by clicking on the zone.


Levels are the subtopics categorized under a main topic called a zone. A level comprises of 30 questions. The idea is to achieve the main learning outcome of the zone through breaking down the main objective into simple steps called levels.

How to complete a level?

A level consists of 30 questions. The completion of these 30 questions mean the completion of a level.

What are Champs?

‘Champs’ is the currency we use at Learning Champs. This cannot be converted into cash.

How to earn Champs?

Earn Champs by completing levels. Some levels award 1 Champ while some levels award more than 1 Champ.

What is time taken in question screen?

Time taken in question screen means the time taken to provide the answer of a question.

What is correct, wrong, total score and Champ score in question screen?

Correct – The accurate answer has been provided.

Wrong – The inaccurate answer has been provided.

Total score – The total calculation of correct answers provided.

Champ score – The Champs that the child/children have earned so far by completing levels.

What is the champ bar?

The Champ bar shows how close you are to complete a level. It basically shows your progress in a level.

How do you know when a level is completed?

The completion of 30 questions is the end of a level. You will not see any more questions come up on the question screen once you come to the end of a level.

How many questions do you need to do to complete a level?

This depends on how well the child performs in a level, the more correct answers the child does the quicker the child completes the level. A child could complete a level from getting 1st 15 questions correct.

What is Champs points system?

This is an intelligent point system where the child scores more points for every correct answer at the beginning but towards the end when the child scores higher it becomes harder to score points.

Why do I lose more points when I make a mistake?

This is to make sure that the child has a very clear understanding of the subject matter and that they’ve got a good knowledge and practice.

How many points do I get for getting a question correct?

This depends on how many points they are on. The more points you are on it will be more difficult to accumulate points. This is to make sure you have a perfect understanding when you complete a level.

How many points do I loose for getting a question incorrect?

This depends on the points you are on. It is a Learning Champs System created to make sure you have a perfect understanding when you complete a level.

What is take a break?

By take a break, you are given the opportunity to leave the question screen at the question you worked on so far and come back start from where you stopped and you get to pause the time until you are back.

Do I lose time if I take a break?

No. You can take a break up to an hour. If you don’t come back in one hour, you will restart the level.

What happens if I stop a level without completing?

You go back to the start.

Do I start a level from where I stopped?