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About Us

The Company

Learning Champs is an organization with a passion to provide the best quality learning experience for the young generation willing to thrive in a globalized world.

We have utilized the power of technology as a means to provide best quality of education. By using technology we seek to improve the teaching and learning processes improve the performance of educational outcome.

Most of all, technology has helped to make the learning process FUN and encourages the child to keep going in their studies.

Students can access online resources to get assistance on demand beyond the physical reach of their teacher.

We have made learning more interactive and collaborative. This can help students better engage with course material. With us, students are encouraged to learn by practicing rather than memorising facts. The interactivity we offer improves the quality of practicing what was learnt and PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!!

What we offer

We mainly cater to the British curriculum. The English and Maths practice questions are designed correspondingly. Nevertheless, we also oblige students all over the world who seek for an enhanced learning experience with us.

The practice questions which LC provides have been designed by well experienced teachers who are well aware of the psychology of different age levels.

We use a variety of question components such as; select the image, select the text box, drag and drop, fill in the blanks, etc. These are different within the two subjects and within the different age groups. These have been designed to be as simple as for a 6 year old and developed to suit 12 year olds as well. 

For children between 6 -7 years we have made the interactive questions and answers more child friendly and easier by including a narration of the questions and answers. This way the child would not be discouraged to continue learning by having to read words that could be challenging for a child at this age level.


Our main focus on grabbing the child’s mind into educating one-self is through the use of learning games which we have designed with close attention to the psychological needs and differences of each age level. We make sure that the games are not too easy or too hard to secure the self-esteem of the children.

These games could be played on the tablets or laptops and encourages learning while having FUN.

Furthermore, your child has a fabulous opportunity to earn back a sum of money as a reward for their high performance in learning with us.

LC even provides the theory which is needed for these practice questions and aids self-studies. These theories have been broken down into simple steps to help the child grasp the essence of every subject matter, more easily and effectively.

Children who prefer listening to theory rather than reading have the opportunity to use the narrations of theory which is another special feature that we offer. This helps the child in catering to their different strategies of studying and expedites the process of learning.

In Summary,

LC uses a vast range of technology that benefits your child in many areas,

  1. Improves engagement

  2. Improves knowledge retention

  3. Encourages individual learning and collaboration


Learning Champs provide the comfort of studying from home with all the facilities of remote learning.

Parents are provided with a detailed analytics and we issue weekly reports of your child’s progress. These reports are emailed directly to parents to help you keep track of your child’s progress and enjoy the feeling of being a successful parent seeing the educational growth of your child.

Learning Champs is a convenient option for both parents and children to achieve high outcomes in education with no time wasted in unwanted hassle and gain the goals of a successful future through better education.