Welcome to Learning Champs!

An experience you've never had before. You will be surprised to know how tempting learning could be when you are having fun. Explore the different groups, Study Zone, Game Zone and Champ Zone. All of them are just a membership away.
We provide support through educational gaming and virtual classes providing real time exercises in Maths and English, providing the flexibility for your child to develop at a steady pace.

500 Members

We have over 500 members within the first week of the Grand-Go Live. Join us and be one among the wise.

Big Achievements

 Good news parents! Getting your child to study is not going to be so difficult. The games and rewards on every question is going to keep your child diligent and thrilled with pleasure. The confidence built with every correct answer worths a million.

Easy Learning

Being a student is easy, but the work load that 'Learning' requires can be tough. Here with us, you don't need to work so hard yourself. We have provided you with lots and lots of simple theory which explains all you need to know. So there's no need to waste all the time to read lots and lots of books when all you need to know is just at your finger tips.

Awards and Accolades

Your hard work deserve an appreciation. These are some fascinationg awards you could win yourself by practicing questions and earning points. Give yourself a goal and win an award to cherish with pride.


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My son completed all the levels in the Numerical Reasoning Zone in a week. That was a time I saw my son being serious in his studies.




My daughter joined Learning Champs a month ago and she says she now understands better what's taught at school. She loves it.




I have memberships for all my three children. Now I see them studying together while helping each other achieve points in Learning Champs. It's lovely to see them studying and playing together with so much enthusiasm.




Learning Champs has been a whole new experience to my son, who was often reluctant to do his homework. To my surprise, he now spends most of his time on Learning Champs.

Champ Zone

Here is the fun part, your hard work gets you a prize, and grabbing yours is just a few Champs away! Complete more levels to win more Champs, to get the prize of your choice. Climb the ladder and collect your Champs now!

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Game Zone

Every Champ gets a game to train their brain! At Learning Champs, your child’s interests are well balanced to meet both entertainment and educational needs. Add to the excitement of exploring the adventures of your characters. Want educational games to help build skills in Maths and English? You’ve come to the right place!